Hot tubs plastic

Hot tubs plastic


Hot tub square 180 cm x 180 cm with thermo wood finish

From £3,500.00 Price

Luxury Square shape with thermowood trim

Dimensions: hot tub inside: 180 cm width, 180 cm length.

Dimensions: hot tub outside: 220 cm width, 220cm length.

Light grey plastic.

Laminated wooden edging (monolithic sill).

A two-part thermowood cover, with handles to each part (it is convenient to lift for one person).

Stainless steel outside the oven 22 kW.

Chimney (height: 2m) with cap and protection from the heat.

Wood impregnation with special oil.

Type "A" massive wooden staircase.

An insulated double floor.

Insulated walls.

Air bubble massage system, installed in benches, 8 pcs. of jets.

Hydromassage, installed in walls, 8 pcs. of jets.

Water filtration system

LED, 4 pcs. shining in the water, changing colors, 7 colors.

Plastic closed benches.

Water release faucet wit stopper.


180cm plastic hot tub for individual client

From £2,450.00 Price

Photos just to how how looks plastic hot tub with insulation and without wood

1.Plastic hot tub 180cm tank (can be blue, grey or black)
2. No wood trim,sill or lid.
3. Walls insulation (8cm)
4. Bottom insulation (10cm)
5. External water release faucet
6. No stairs
7. Electrical heater 3kW+thermostat
8. Filtration system (quartz sand)
9. LED lighting, 6 different GB colors with many shades