Delivery of hot tub and sauna:


1. Client choose the product.

2. Client pays whole price (100 %) or 50 % and we start to produce hot tub. When hot tub is produced, we send photos of hot tub to our client and then client need to pay the rest 50 %.

3. We are making hot tub 2-4 weeks. About delivery time of sauna client, need to ask.

4. When hot tub is fully assembled, we check everything and client gets 100 % perfect hot tub.

5. When hot tub is fully assembled we pack it and roll on its side on the pallet (diameter: 80 - 120 cm). If hot tub is with internal stove, additional items are inside hot tub (pumps, stairs, chimney...). If hot tub is with external stove, all additional items are packed on the other pallet.

6. When hot tub is ready we are looking for transport, when we get it, we inform client about planned delivery time.

Delivery depends of how manager and client agrees: 
• We take care of transportation of hot tub / sauna.
• Client take care of transportation.

7. Usually hot tubs are delivered with small trucks (length: 3-5 m), but sometimes it could be delivered with 12 m length truck. Client need to inform us about possibility to deliver with truck.

8. When transport company deliver production, client need to take care of how to unload hot tub or sauna out if truck. It could make 3-5 persons (it depends of hot tub size and weight). Unloading of sauna is possible with crane.

9. If client do not have possibility to unload by himself, he need to inform us. There is possibility to deliver hot tub with forklift, but it cost extra (100-200 Eur)

10. After delivery client just need to unpack hot tub, if hot tub is with external stove just connect it and could use and have a great time!


We deliver our production fully assembled: