Quality of hot tubs and the right choice

Hot tubs and baths in our company “Sveikata Tau” are made from the highest quality wood, which is carefully selected by the company manager Arūnas Baranauskas. The colours of used polypropylene (plastic) are gray, black and light blue.

For the production of fibreglass hot tubs qualitative fibreglass material is used.

Wooden hot tubs are made of 44 to 50 mm thick wood blanks.

Therapeutic hot tubs are made of four types of wood: spruce, larch, oak, thermowood.

A wooden hot tub of spruce wood is light in colour. The use of spruce wood hot tub is practical from five to seven years. The period for the use of hot tubs is not long, but the price is the most attractive.

The period for the use of larch hot tubs is twice as long: from ten to fifteen years. Russian Siberian larch wood is very resinous, and therefore has a thick resin protective layer. The majority of customers, who have purchased larch wood hot tub, want to replace the tub after many years of use and ask to insert the plastic into a wooden hot tub. Such service in our company is carried out quickly and qualitatively. As a result, the customers can use the same wooden hot tub for many years.

Oak tub is also a popular choice. These hot tubs are more expensive because oak wood is widely appreciated, and the price is higher than for other types of wood. The customers, knowing when the wood of oak contains an acid, prefer oak hot tubs, despite the high price.

The price for Canadian cedar wood hot tub is the highest, but to bathe in such a hot tub is extremely healthy. Canadian cedar wood has exceptionally beautiful colour and emits a pleasant odour.

Quality of plastic hot tubs and fibreglass hot tubs

Plastic hot tubs made of polypropylene material are very comfortable to use and easy to maintain. With regard to health, plastic hot tubs are a little behind the wooden hot tubs. Our company mainly sells plastic hot tubs, so the convenience is the most important matter. Price of plastic hot tubs is slightly higher than spruce or larch hot tubs.

Cleaning of plastic hot tub and fibreglass hot tub is very simple, accumulated dirt is easily eliminated during the water discharge. Weight of plastic hot tubs and fibreglass hot tubs is three times less than the weight of wooden hot tubs. Medium-sized hot tub weighs about 100 kg.

Plastic hot tubs have three types of built-in benches: open plastic benches, plastic enclosed benches and wooden benches of various types of wood. Plastic open benches are comfortable because you can tuck your legs under the bench when bathing in the hot tub. In such case the hot tub may be of a smaller diameter. When choosing a hot tub with closed plastic benches, legroom will be smaller, but using a hot tub, the volume of water is saved. It is more difficult to make such benches as more polypropylene material will be used, and this option is more expensive.

Most customers prefer wooden benches in a plastic hot tub, especially those clients who like to come into contact with the wood. The plastic hot tub with wooden benches is cheaper.

Fibreglass hot hot tub quality

Fibreglass hot tubs look very luxurious, hot tub form is made according to spinal bends of a person. Fibreglass hot tub is very comfortable to sit in; it is like sitting in a very comfortable armchair. Our fibreglass hot tubs can be made of different colours, according to customer’s request. We can also provide it with a stone image (e.g. granite appearance).

Exterior finishing of plastic hot tubs and fibreglass hot tubs is always made of wood. If spruce wood is used, it must always be well impregnated, painted with high quality paint so that the wood could longer withstand air changes: cold, heat, snow, rain or wind.

Mostly for the finish of therapeutic hot tubs we offer to choose heat-treated spruce or pine wood (thermowood). Heat-treated wood does not absorb moisture in the environment. Thermowood is heated to 212°C, thus eliminating viable wood pores, so after the thermal treatment the wood does not absorb moisture anymore. Thermowood price is higher than spruce, pine and larch wood price, but the tub made of this wood does not change its appearance and shape for a long period of time. When the colour of thermowood begins to fade, the tub should be lubricated with oil: natural linseed oil is best suited for this purpose. Especially, we recommend you to order wooden hot tub lids and hot tub top rims that are made of thermowood.

People also prefer oak wood for the finish of hot tub; but as long as the hot tub is new, it looks very nice, but there is a danger that as soon as hot tub gets some moisture, the wood will start expanding and may change the form of hot tub. In this case, hot tub finish can be changed by the thermowood.

Quality and choice of hot tub heaters

Hot tub heaters are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is produced using different metals and marked according to applicable standards. Hot tub heaters are usually made of AISI 430 grade stainless steel metal with thickness of 2 mm or 1.5 mm. This brand of metal is the most popular; therefore, the customers mostly prefer solid fuel heaters made of AISI 430 grade stainless steel metal. AISI 430 steel is less resistant to corrosion; if you intend to use various salts or chlorine in the hot tub, then you have to choose 316 grade stainless steel heaters. Hot tub heaters that are made of 316 grade stainless steel are by 40% more expensive than the heaters made of AISI 430 grade stainless steel.

On request of customers, we also produce heaters of 6 mm thick aluminium. Aluminium heaters are also very good, but it is dangerous to kindle them if the hot tub or outer oven contains no water. In this case, the plastic will melt and hot tub will be irreparable.

It is important to keep in mind that you cannot start kindling the tubs if it is not sufficiently filled with water. To kindle the internal heater without water is extremely dangerous, as hottub can burn away. It is also very important not to discharge the water from hot tub if the heater still contains burning live fuel coals. Do not discharge the water from hot tub until the live coal has fully burnt out or it is not removed.

For heating of hot tub water you can choose electric heaters. Electric heaters are not as powerful as solid fuel heaters; if you choose a 3 kW electric heater, the water in hot tub will heat up to 40°C in about 3 days. It is possible to install two or three electric heaters; then the heating time will become double or triple shorter. But there is another problem when the electric power needed has to be double or triple as much as 6 kW or 9kW. Typically, home electrical wiring is 10kW - 12kW. In this case, the customer may not always choose hot tub water heating option.

A gas heater is sufficiently good and convenient option for hot tub water heating. However, there is a problem with the heater connection nipples, as gas nozzles are different in different countries. However, if the customer is determined to solve this problem, this option is very good.

WARNING: don't use briquettes in the heater

Quality and use of hot tub accessories

It is convenient to use air bubble massage system without worries in all seasons. Since the air is blown into hot tub from the outside, there is no risk of using this massage in winter or summer.

If hydro-massage system is used in the winter, do not forget to discharge the water from the system. You need to unscrew the tap at the pump or, if it is not equipped with a tap, unscrew the hose nozzle located at a hydro-massage pump.

It is advisable not to use hot tub water treatment system in winter if the outside temperature is below zero. If you use water sand treatment system at the minus temperature, the system can freeze and be damaged. Water treatment system may be used only at positive temperatures.

LED lamps can be used in all seasons.

Having assessed your needs and capabilities, you can choose the best hot tub options, or contact us and our team will always be happy to advise you and will give you the best offer.

hot tub team