Terms and conditions of use


1. General provisions

These contract rules (contract) is a legally binding document that sets the buyer and seller rights, duties and responsibilities of the purchasing process on this online store.


2. The purchase - sale agreement

The contract shall be considered concluded from the moment when the buyer of e-shop has formed a basket of goods and pays in advance (not less than 50%) or full price.


3. Customer data protection

Any information that is related to personal data and is registered in the shop are collected in order to:

- Process the data of buyers orders.

- Solve problems related to the presentation and delivery of goods.

- Fulfill other contractual obligations.


4. Client rights

The buyer has a right to buy goods from the shop according to these rules and store procedures.

The buyer has a right to cancel the contract, but only if notifying the seller no later than 7 (seven) working days after the date of delivery.

The buyer can return the product only if delivered item was not damaged or it has not changed its appearance, and it was not used, also if the original packaging was not damaged.

The buyer must pay all shipment costs when returning the product.

When returning an item(s) it is necessary to provide all the related documents (especially the billing document(s)).

Returned item must be securely packed.

When returning the product, the buyer must submit an application, specifying the detailed order information: order number, date, product name, price, delivery date. The request should include the bank account number for return of the money.

The buyer assures safe arrival of the product to production facility adress: Kertupio g. 63, Neveronys, Kaunas district, LT-54486, Lithuania. Returned goods are accepted during working hours (Mon - Fr: 8:00 to 17:00 pm) or is agreed individually at another time.


5.1 Customer's obligations

The buyer must pay for the goods and accept them according to these rules.

The buyer is committed to ensure the confidentiality of online data of a buyer and assures prohibition of disclosure of his information to third parties. The buyer is responsible for any actions of third parties, if they were made through the buyer]s login.

If the buyers data which was given when registering has changed, the data must be updated.

The buyer must indicate the place of delivery and all other necessary data when ordering goods.


5.2 Seller's rights

If the buyer is trying to undermine the work of online stores stability and security or violates its obligations, the seller have a right to suspend or restrict the buyer access to an online store immediately and without notice.

The seller reserves the right to alter service or item, store or change parts of it, any and all of its contents at any time, without any warning to client.

The seller has the right to cancel the order without any notification if the buyer after receiveing the invoice did not proceeded the payment in three (3) working days.

The seller, in case of uncertainty on the order information, contacts the customer by phone no later than the next business day from the date of the order. Product delivery time in that case starts to run from the communication with the customer.

Seller has the right without prior notice to the buyer to cancel the order if the seller fails to contact the buyer within 5 (five) working days.

The seller has the right to extend the deadline for delivery of the goods, if the causes of delay are beyond the sellers position (eg. there is a lack of materials used for production of certain goods in the warehouse, the delay of delivery and so on.). The buyer is informed immediately about this and similar information by phone or by e-mail.

The seller has no obligation to compensate any direct or indirect losses caused by overdue delivery of items.


6. Seller's agreement

The seller agrees to these rules and conditions and enables the use of this shop and it's services.

Seller agrees to deliver the buyer all ordered and paid goods at the address given.

The seller commits to offer similar item(s) instead of ordered if some relevant circumstances caused the unability of the manufacture. If the buyer refuses to accept a duplicate or most likely similar product, the seller agrees to refund the money paid by the buyer within five (5) business days, if payment has already been made.


7. Other conditions

These rules are under EU and Lithuanian law.

All disputes arising from the implementation of these rules, firstly are being dealt by negotiation. If the nogotiation process fails, all further actions of dispute are worked out under Lithuanian and EU law.


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