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Japanese bath for 2 persons

£1,028.50 Price

Japanese “Ofuro” bath is produced of fiberglass and looks luxury in all gardens. Fiberglass tub - “Ofuro” is perfect for 2 persons. For the best comfort, the tub can be fitted with hydro massage, air bubble massage system, LED lighting or filtration system. Since we are manufacturers, client can create hot tub according to his needs. The bath is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (-40 to +50).








Water capacity

800 Liter

Delivery time

2-3 weeks


Hot tub items:

  1.        Ofuro bath pearly color (colors could be: white, blue, dark grey or pearly. Also color could be chosen from RAL palette +150 Eur)
  2.        External water release faucet
  3.        Wall and bottom insulation with special foam
  4.        Ladder
  5.        Spruce wooden trim (on the right side of page could could be chosen other type of wood)
  6.        Wooden 2 parts cover

Delivery in whole Europe

Plastic covers for hot tubs

£214.17 Price

Now we are offering lid-covers for hot tubs made of PLASTIC.
Plastic covers are practical because they could be made in different diameters. Also, color of plastic could be:
• Grey;
• Black;
• Blue;
Plastic cover could be insulated with foam and then water in hot tub will stay hot longer.