Integrated Stove KJL Np-03
Integrated Stove KJL Np-03
Hot tub stove
stove for hot tub KJL Np-03

Integrated Stove KJL Np-03

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Integrated Stove model KJL Np-03 need less wood expenses and has less pollution

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  • ·         Double combustion chamber;
  • ·         Increased burning chamber;
  • ·         Less wood expenses, less pollution;
  • ·         Accelerated hot water transmission;
  • ·         Increased water faucets diameters to stove (48,3mm);
  • ·         Double stove walls. Water cool down all parts;
  • ·         Equipped protection which do not let wood move from one chamber to another. Unburned gas go from second chamber to first;
  • ·         All burning chambers are reachable for cleaning;
  • ·         Grates in first burning chamber made of cast iron (180mm x 250mm);
  • ·         Stove doors is heat-resistant, made of glass ceramics (thickness 4mm, width 190mm, height 200mm). Tinted by light brown color;
  • ·         Air regulator installed in doors;
  • ·         Stove made of stainless steel AISI 430 or AISI 316 (2mm thickness) fixed by metal hot tub frame;
  • ·         New design.

Basic tips:

  • ·         Do not burn a stove before all cavity are full of water. It is necessary to observe, that water level need to rise up above top stove and hot tub connection.
  • ·         Burn with dry firewood.
  • ·         During hot tub heating water need to be shuffle. If in hot tub is air bubble or hydro massage just turn on and water will shuffle by itself. If there is no massages, then shuffle water manually. Hot water always stay on top, so water shuffling help to get cold water to stove and when heats up come back to hot tub.
  • ·         Comfortable water temperature for bathing is +36 – +42 C°.
  • ·         Few first times when water is heating condensate might be seen from stove package. After few burning it will disappear.

Integrated stove which installs in fiberglass hot tubs

Stove made of 2mm stainless steel AISI 430 (AISI 316 steel is expensive 40%)

There is spit cast iron grates inside.

Stove power with full loading is 28,4 kW/h, coefficient of efficiency 80%

This stove will heat up water in hot tub through 2-3 hours in all year seasons.

Stove equipment:

KJL np-03 stainless steel stove

2m chimney

Rubber hoses

Metal fasteners

Water release faucet


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