Infraraudonųjų spindulių sauną 3-4 žmonėms

Infrared Sauna 3-4 to people

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Infrared sauna developed for three adults or four children.

This sauna is made for corner placement, it is perfect to use all space in the room.

The sauna is made from Canadian Tsuga. The wood itself is really light, dry, without resin and has really pleasing smell of wood/timber. Canadian Tsuga has only a few branches so the sauna will be really robust.

Dimensions : 1200 x 1200 x 1900 mm 120kg


The mains corner infrared sauna qualities are powerful carbon fiber heating elements and Canadian Tsuga wood. Sauna customized to build in corner, so it's easy to assemble by 1-2 persons and it using simple 230V power socket. Sauna not requiring any sewerage or any special preparation.

Energy consumption didn't reach 2kWh at one session, so it's cheap to use it. Do not worry about big electricity bill.

Corner sauna has functional control panel. Panel can be managed operating time, temperature, lighting, audio system what can be done from outside and inside. Also sauna has FM radio it makes session more pleasant.

For patented heaters sauna warm up more faster. Infrared is close to sun lights so human body will absorb up to 93% of infrared.

Infrared sauna doesn't need special maintenance, just clean it with razor and some water. Do not use any chemicals, because it can affect human health at session time.


Technical characteristics

  •         Capacity
  •         Outside wood: Canadian Tsuga;
  •         Inside wood: Canadian Tsuga;
  •         Power (output): 230V/50Hz;
  •         Infrared heaters:

4 back heating elements 1200 W, [400 x 1000 mm];

2 side heating elements 450W, [300 x 1000 mm];

2 heating elements on bench for shins 250W, [300 x 600 [mm];

1 heating element on the floor 80W, [300 x 400 [mm];

  •         Heater power: 1980W, 0.01-0.5 W/cm², keeps equivalent temperature
  •         Carbon fiber infrared lights life time is 100 000 hours.
  •         Heating elements heat resistance for 94V0
  •         Working temperature:  18-60° C;
  •         Reading lamp
  •         LED lights therapy lamp
  •         Air ionizer which ones destroys all the bacteria and viruses
  •         Clear cured glass
  •         Exclusive lasting design
  •         Audio system - AUX, USB, MP3, BlueTooth, FM radio;
  •         Technical services not needed
  •         Full build saunas dimensions 1200 x 1200 x 1900 [mm]
  •         Weight: 120kg


Sauna for transporting is packaged safety in 3 boxes:

1. 186 x 122 x 21 [cm] – 50 kg.

2. 186 x 117 x 18 [cm] – 58 kg.

3. 128 x 128 x 25 [cm] – 48 kg.

It is really easy to gather the sauna by yourself


Usage recommendations


  •         At session time do not wear many dresses, because it can absorb or reflect infrared and body wouldn't warm like expected.
  •         Session can starts after 5-10 minutes after turn on. It do not required to wait 50-60 minutes like traditional saunas. It will save many time and electricity costs.
  •         Many people starts sweating after 15-20min. Sweating is abundant therefore recommended to drink much water before, during and after session. Also towels will be useful in sauna.
  •         Hot shower before session increase sweating.
  •         All session continues 40-45 minutes.
  •         Recommend to knead injured body places which will improve blood circulation.
  •         After session take a warm shower without any soap or shampoo. Not recommend to take a cold shower, if there is opportunity need to go to bed and sweat further, because after sauna infrared beverage in body about 4cm (about 4 time more then in traditional sauna). So after session sweat do not stops.


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