Oval roof sauna

Oval roof sauna

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length and wood type

Sauna oval

The starting price is for the standard model of spruce oval roof sauna (dimensions:height 2,45m;width: 2,45m;length: 3m). The price will change automatically when selecting additional accesories from the menu bar. 

Standard oval roof sauna consists of:

1. The type of wood. Optional (spruce, larch, thermowood).

2. The oven is heated by wood (and the chimney) or electric oven.

3. saunas length. Optionally (3 m, 4 m, 5 m).

4. The seats – bunks in the sauna.

5. saunas height of 2.45 m / width 2.45 m.

6. 40 mm wall thickness (wall insulating is optional for extra price).

7. bituminous pavement tile roof.

8. Wooden floor thickness: 40 mm.

9. 2 windows on the back wall of the sauna room.

10. A window in the door.

11. Doors with lock.

12. External Borders impregnation.

13. Heat-resistant protective wooden grates for oven.

14. A decorative cornice.

15. Slot for electricity and electrical safeguard.

16. Hermetic lamp.

Oval roof sauna – is a rectangular form oval roof sauna, which both inner and outer trim is made entirely out of wood.

When ordering on our online shop you can choose from a 3-standard lengths oval roof saunas (3m, 4m, 5m, but you can easily order individual dimensions also), with wood-fired oven with optional variant of puting furnace inside or outside the sauna or you can also choose excelent electric heater. You can also choose wall insulation, LED lighting, we can devide sauna in two or three separate spaces (shower, locker- or restroom, etc.). Your selected option can be painted in any color. We impregnate the outside of the sauna three times.

Please note that the sauna is like a small garden house, so customers often want specific individual nuances. We take care of this with great pleasure: we help and advise on any issue raised. If having various questions please contact us. Our highly professional workers with experience over 10 years in the field of manufacture of hot tubs and saunas will produce the highest quality wooden oval roof sauna , which you can carefree enjoy during both winter and summer.

Speaking about saunas exterior, we use only the highest quality spruce, Larch and thermowood. Interior details such as seats-bunks are made out of high quality aspen. This wood is perfectly resistant to heat and moisture, retains its color and shape. Because of these characteristics the sauna is longevous and high quality. Highest quality means that the wood is solid, firm, properly dried and has no branches or growths in it. It is a guarantee of quality all around the world. We are manufacturers and not dealers, therefore we are responsible for all the quality of our products and give to every each of them 2 - year warranty. But in most cases waranty is provided for the whole period of use. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and safe when buying any of our products.

Before getting a sauna

We recomend to make these simple steps before getting a sauna: choose a location for it and think about for how many people and what for what occasions it will generally be used. This will help you to decide what shape, size and materials to choose. To ease your thoughts here are some tips:

Firstly, it is necessary to build or to find a plain surface - lawn, terrace or another smooth pavement.

Secondly,  If you‘re not sure for how many people will it commonly be used, and you want to know exactly what diameter should you choose, please do have a look to this advisory table:

According to lenght of sauna room and average data of an adult person (avg. Height: 175 cm avg. Weight: 65 kg: Avg. shoulder width: 55cm) (data are approximate):

       3 m Sauna: 6 people

       4 m Sauna: 8 people

       5 m Sauna: 10 people

This description gives you just some general information. The full and detailed manual of sauna is included after purchase.

Note about warranty:

The two-year warranty is valid only if sauna during this period was used according to our manual. If you would apply for a warranty and after examination we would determine that the reasons that caused the damage was done by strictly violating the manual, we will not be able to provide you a repair or replacement of your sauna.

We wish you pleasant moments and good health using our oval roof sauna.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to help you and make the best sauna for you.

hot tub team

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