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Hydro massage system (Water massage)

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Water massage (hydro massage system) has 6 jets and are installed into hot tub walls.

Water Hydro massage

Quality and efficiency of the Hydromassage are affected by some factors. This is a number and performance(achievement) of the water pumps, absence of the adjustment of water currents, as well as variety of the spatters, their(her) quality and relation.

In the Hydromassage baths and bath tubs modern efficient pumps are needed.

In general pumps to 1.5 m3 water per minute can pump.

Dependent on their(her) wishes four take-up motions of the pumping currents distribute themselves between the chairs.

Spatters also have their(her) own adjustment.

There presents itself the possibility the influence for certain parts of the body or this influence evenly distribute.

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