Ofuro plastikinės vonios

2x Japanese Ofuro tub with plastic liner

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Japanese Ofuro

Standard Ofuro synthetic material bath tub with wood elaboration (larch, fir, Thermoholz, oak). Dimensions: height: 100 cms, width: 90 cms, length 130 cms. Ofuro bath tub is often applied to the Nolteln after the steam bath, therefore, cool or cold water becomes there in winter, as well as in summer held(regarded). We also offer the bath tubs heated by the heater. They are suitable to the use of two people(persons). Synthetic material bath tub with fir elaboration belongs to the given(indicated) beginning price. The price changes according to choice of the arrangements(enclosures) from the Nebenliste. Choice of the color of the synthetic material does not affect the final price.

Belong to the standard equipment:

1. Synthetic material bath tub with wood elaboration

2. Plastic closed type benches

3. Firm(Fixed) tapes(strings) from Nirosta bath tub

4. D type stairs

5.External aluminium stove 28 kW+2m chimney. 

6. Wooden trim from larch

Plastic color can be blue, grey and black.

Delivery is included.

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