Wooden ofuro tub
Wooden ofuro tub
Wooden ofuro tub
Wooden ofuro tub
Wooden ofuro tub

Wooden ofuro tub

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wooden ofuro tub is for 1 person for cold water.

Standard Ofuro wood bath tub

(dimensions: height: 100 cms, width: 90 cms, length 130 cms). Ofuro bath tub is often applied to the Nolteln after the steam bath, therefore, cool or cold water becomes there in winter, as well as in summer held(regarded).

Belong to the standard equipment:

1. Bath tub from fir

2. Wood benches with back

3. Firm(Fixed) tapes(strings) from Nirosta bath tub

4. Two level leader

Tub capacity /number of people advised

150 cm diameter of 3 - 4 individuals

160 cm diameter: 4-6 individuals

170 cm diameter: 5-7 individuals

180 cm diamtertas: 6-8 individuals

190 cm diameter 7-9 individuals

200 cm diameter: 8-10 individuals

220 cm diameter: 10-12 individuals

Hot tub water temperature:

It is advisable to make sure the water temperature is not higher than 38 or 40 degrees Celsius before getting in tub. This will ensure a pleasant spa effect and will provide you with sprightliness of mind and easiness of your body.

Time of water heat up:

Time is shown according to different seasons (adjusted for internal or external wood heated ovens):

Summer: 2-3 hours

Winter: 3-4 hours.

Time is shown according to different seasons (adapted electric heaters):

Summer: 4 hours

Winter: 5-6 hours

This description gives you just some general information. The full and detailed usage guide of a hot tub is included after purchase.

Note about warranty:

The two-year warranty is valid only if the tub during this period was used according to our usage guide rules. If you would apply for a warranty and after examination we would determine that the reasons that caused the damage was done by strictly violating usage rules, we will not be able to provide you a repair or replacement of an item.

We wish you pleasant moments and good health using our plastic hot tub with spruce trim.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to help you and make the best hot tub for you.

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