160 Cm. skersmens, pilkas plastikas, juodai dažytas

Deluxe vulcano model: spruce, air bubble massage, 160cmX100cm.

Reference: 81


Deluxe grey plastic hot tub

with spruce trim (inside diameter: 160cm).

Thermowood edging (monolithic sill).

A two-part thermowood cover, with handles to each part (it is convenient to lift for one person).

Stainless steel outside the oven, 18 Kw. with glass door.

Chimney (2m.height) with a cap.

 Black painted wooden trim.

"S" type wooden bench.

Type "A" massive wooden staircase.

An insulated double floor.

Insulated walls.

Hydromassage system, 6 pcs. nozzles installed in the tub wall at different heights.

LED, 3 pcs. shining in the water, changing colors, 7 colors.

Water release faucet with stopper.

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