Stiklo audinio kubilas su integruota krosnele 1,8 m

Fibreglass hot tub with inside integrated stove 1,8 m

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Fibreglass hot tub

1. Fibreglass  tub 1,8 m;

2. Thermowood trim;

3. Top round edging- wooden sill;

4. Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub;

5. Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles;

6. D  type steps from thermowood

7. External water release faucet

8. Chimney protection from heat

9. Inside integrated stove with glass door 28 Kw

10. Air bubble massage 750W, 6 jets in seats makes air massage

11. LED lights, 3 lamps with 6 different RGB colors with many shades

12.All tub insulation with special foam (bottom and walls)

13.Hydromassage 750W, 6 jets in walls makes water massage 

It's a deposit 50 percent price.

All amount is 3150 Pounds.

Delivery included.

Hot tub specification:

Water quantity for hot tub – 1000 l

Primary  water temperature  15 °C

Weather temperature 18 °C

After 1 hour heating : 32 °C water temperature

After 1,5 hour heating : 37 °C water temperature

Heated 11,3 kg linden wood firewoods.

If you take 16 kg firewood, the water will heats till 40-45 °C

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