Black fibreglass hot tub 2 m with thermowood trim

Hot tub black fibreglass 2 m with thermowood trim

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Hot tub fibreglass black  2 m

 These hot tubs are done, we can deliver it quickly.

  1. Black Fiberglass tub;
  2. Thermowood trim;
  3. Top round edging- wooden sill;
  4. Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub;
  5. Outside stove 25 Kw;
  6. Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles;
  7. LED, 5 pcs. shining in the water, changing colors, 7 colors;
  8. Thermal wall insulation;
  9. Air bubbles massage;
  10. A type steps;
  11. Double bottom and insulation;
  12. Stove painting;
  13. Water filtration system;
  14. Chimney with protection from heat;


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