Outdoor SPA - square shape hot tub
Outdoor SPA - square shape hot tub

SPA style square shape hot tub for family

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1.Square shape hot tub with oval angles. Internal diameter 150cm x 150cm. External diameter 170cm x 170cm. Height 110cm. Capacity 1700 liters of water;
Plastic inside tank can be blue, black, white/grey
Closed plastic benches. It reduce water capacity in hot tub that means heating time is shorter and maintenance is easier.
In hot tub can fit 1-6 persons.
Thermowood trim;
D type stairs from thermowood;
External water release faucet;
Top round edging- wooden sill;
Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub;
Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles;
External aluminum stove 35 KW, 2 meters chimney (heating time is 2 hours);
Chimney protection;
Hydromassage 750W, 8 jets in walls makes water massage;
Air bubble massage 750W, 8 jets in seats makes air massage;
3 LED lights with 6 different RGB colors and many shades.

Hot tub specification:
Capacity of water – 1700 liters‘
Water temperature at beginning 7 °C
Air temperature 10 °C
After 1 hours of heating reached 30 °C water temperature
After 1.5 hours of heating reached 35 °C water temperature
It takes about 15kg wood burning
VAT is included
Delivery to all Europe. Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

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