Outdoor SPA - square shape hot tub

SPA style square shape hot tub for family

Reference: 376

The size of a square plastic tub
Quantity of LED lamps
Air massage
Sand Water Filter
Quantity of LED lamps
Air massage
Sand Water Filter
The size of a square plastic tub

Technical the Features acteristics for this model : ID376 EN 

The internal dimensions of the bath 

150cm x 150cm    iki  220cm x 220cm

External dimensions of the bath 

180cm x 180cm iki 250cm x 250cm

Total height 


Water capacity 

1800L – 4200L

Delivery time 

Weeks and 2 - 4 

Type of tub

Plastic oval shape

Type of bench

Plastic closed type 

Plastic color 

Gray , black , blue 

Exterior finish 

Thermo Wood


Type D - Thermo Wood


Cover Leather with insulation

Top ring ( window sill ) 

Wood - Thermo Wood

Water heater

External stainless steel stove Kl NP - 75

Type of water discharge 

External drainage with valve 

Thermal insulation

Of the walls and the bottom

Massage systems 

can be selected

Sand and water filtration system 

can be selected

LED lighting 

can be selected

Optional accessories 

can be selected

 The cost of the delivery contract in depending on the location 

Note : the color , type of wood , a ladder -type , furnace type , massage systems and e rugih possible investments will choose the client . When working with a manager of sales . 


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