plastic oak hot tub
plastic oak hot tub
plastic oak hot tub

Hot tubs plastic, thermo wood finish, choose other accessories

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Quantity of LED lamps
Air massage
Sand Water Filter
Quantity of LED lamps
Air massage
Sand Water Filter

The visible starting price is for the smallest standard model of a plastic (polypropylene) bathtub (inner diameter 150 cm).
If you select additional variables in the menu bar, the price will vary depending on the size of the bath and the cost of additions or improvements.

The standard model kit includes:
1. Plastic (polypropylene) bathtub with wood trim
2. Wooden benches type "S"
3. Protective wooden grill (protects against overheating)
4. Upper edging - wooden window sill
5. Stainless steel tapes tightly surrounding the bath
6. Three-stage staircase
7. Two-piece wooden lid with handles
8. Drain siphon with tap.
The bath, ready to be shipped, is packed on a pallet (diameters: 80 - 120 cm), flipped over to its side.

A plastic (polypropylene) bathtub is a bathtub with an interior made of polypropylene (propylene) or commonly called plastic material, and the exterior is made of professionally processed wood. These types of jacuzzis have long been at the forefront of world markets due to their positive qualities compared to their solid wood relatives. When ordering our e-mail in the store, you can choose one of three colors of polypropylene (black, gray-cream, blue) and up to seven bathtubs of different diameters, with an internal or external stove, wood or wood stove, as well as a special electric control panel, built-in through the bath window and, thus, a conveniently controlled heater, chimney. with or without thermal protection, as well as accessories, such as four types of benches and four types of comfortable stairs, as well as LED lighting systems, air bubble and water massage (jacuzzi) and other accessories. We can color your choice in any color, soak it three times and choose other attributes according to your individual preferences (for individual orders, please contact us at the indicated contacts).

What is polypropylene (propylene)?
It is a chemically resistant, hard structural plastic with good dielectric properties. Compared to other plastics, this is one of the lightest plastics that does not sink in water, since its density is 0.92 g / cm3.

Resistant to acids, alkalis, corrosion;
Does not absorb moisture, boils easily;
Not harmful, hygienic, can be used in contact with food and drinking water;
PP with UV protection, protects against weathering, which ensures durability when used outdoors
Color - natural (whitish), light gray (RAL 7032), black, light blue, white and others.

Technical details:

Density - 0.92 g / cm3; putty - 0.7 g / cm 3;
Operating temperature - polypropylene copolymer (PP-S) -30 ÷ + 90 ° C;
Operating temperature - polypropylene homopolymer (PP-H) 0 ÷ + 100 oC;

Polypropylene is most widely used in the production of water treatment plants, tanks, pools, outdoor hot tubs, water slides, chemical tanks, electrolysis baths, ventilation systems, panels, partitions, shelves. Depending on the type of polypropylene, stands for medical instruments, trade equipment, orthopedic and other products are made.

Why a plastic bath?
The maintenance of plastic bathtubs has clear advantages over wooden bathtubs. They contain much less bacteria and are easy to clean, disinfect and leave baths without water for a long time, without fear of overheating and decomposition. This applies to both the coldest winter and the hottest summer.
Our professional and experienced craftsmen with more than 10 years of experience in the production of hot tubs and saunas will produce the highest quality plastic whirlpool tubs with oak finish, which you can enjoy in winter and summer. You will get a hot tub, which requires only 5 minutes of service after draining the water before refueling.
For bathtub finishing we use only the highest quality oak. Highest quality means that the wood is solid, strong, properly dried and without any branches or roots. This is a guarantee of quality. We are manufacturers, not resellers, so we are responsible for the quality of all our products and provide a 2-year warranty. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and safe with any of our products.
Before you buy a hot tub, you just need to choose a place and decide how many people will use it. Here are some tips to help you make your decision:
First of all, to create a hydromassage bath, an even foundation is required - a lawn, patio or other flat surface.
Secondly, if a wooden bathtub is installed indoors, it is necessary to provide constant ventilation of the room, even if the bathtub is not used. It is recommended that wood trim (spruce, larch) remain aesthetically pleasing.

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