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Hot tub with plastic liner and larch trim

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Hot tub diameter

Hot tub with plastic

The given price is for the standard model of plastic hot tub with larch trim (inner diameter of 150 cm). The price will change automatically if selecting extra variables according to the size of a hot tub and accessories or enhancements appraisements.

Basic model includes:

1. Plastic tub with wood trim

2. Type A wooden benches

3. Protective wooden grates (keeps the heat from the oven)

4. Top round edging- wooden sill

5. Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub

6. Three-step ladder

7. Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles

8. Drain siphon with a stopper

The price does not include the price of the oven and chimney. These can be easily chosen on the menu bar on the right side of this site.

IMPORTANT: If you select the hydro-massage system (Jacuzzi) you MUST choose WALL INSULATION also (reason: the insulation foam holds water hoses)

Plastic spruce hot tub – it is a hot tub with internal plastic bathtub which has professionally processed spruce external wood trim all around it. This kind of type of hot tub (plastic - polypropylene) has already won its good name all around the world for its positive features versus their relatives made entirely out of wood.

You can choose from three polypropylene colours (black, gray-cream, blue) and even seven different diameters of the tub, with internal or external oven heated by wood or wood briquettes, and a special electrical heater that is comfortably controled by control panel built in wooden part of a sill, chimney with or without heat protection, as well as additional accessories as four types of benches and four types of convenient steps, also LED lighting system, air bubble system and hydromassage (jacuzzi) system, other enhancements and improvements. Your selected option can be painted in any color, impregnated three times and equiped with all kind of attributes according to your individual preferences (please contact us for individual queries).

What is polypropylene (propylene)?

It is chemically resistant, rigid, structural plastic. Compared to other plastics is one of the lightest and environmentally friendliest plastic.



Resistant to acids, alkalis, corrosion;

Resistant to moisture, easily welding;

Harmless, hygienic and may be used in contact with food and drinking water;

It has UV protection, resistant to weather conditions, which ensures the longevity of its use under outside conditions;

Color - natural (whitish), light gray (RAL 7032), black, light blue, white and other.

Technical data:

Density - 0,92g / cm3; elastomeric - 0,7g / cm3;

Operating temperature - polypropylene copolymer (PP-C) -30 to +90 ° C;


Polypropylene widely used in various tanks, swimming pools, outdoor hot tub, water slides, ventilation systems, panels, partitions, shelving production. Depending on the type of polypropylene produced medical instruments rests, trade equipment, orthopedic and other products.

Why plastic tub?

The care of plastic tubs compared to wooden barrels, has clear advantages: much less build-up of bacteria and easy to clean it out, disinfect and leave long time without water in it, without risking that it could crack somewhere when its dried out (especially in winter).

Our highly professional workers with experience over 10 years in the field of manufacture of hot tubs and saunas will produce the highest quality plastic tub with wooden trim, which you can carefree enjoy during both winter and summer. You will get a hot tub, which will require only 5 minutes of simple maintenance after draining before refilling it with fresh water.

Speaking about wood trim, we use only the highest quality spruce wood. Highest quality means that the wood is solid, firm, properly dried and with no branches or growths in it. It is a pure guarantee of quality. We are manufacturers and not dealers, therefore we are responsible for all the quality of our products and give you a 2 - year warranty. But in most cases waranty is provided for the whole period of useage. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and safe when buying any of our products.

We recomend to make these simple steps before getting a hot tub: choose a location for it in your bewished place and think about for how many people it will generally be used. This will help you to decide what shape, size and materials to choose. To ease your thoughts here are some tips:

Firstly, it is necessary to build or to find a plain surface - lawn, terrace or another smooth pavement.

Secondly, if a wooden tub will be kept indoors, it is necessary to ensure a regular room ventilation even when the tub is not in use. The reason for this is to ensure the wood trim (spruce, oak, larch) aesthetically unchanged (this is not applied for thermowood because of its resistance to any kind of moisture).

Thirdly. If you‘re not sure how many people will commonly use it, and you want to know exactly what diameter should you choose, please do have a look to this advisory table:

According to inner diameter of a tub and average data of an adult person (avg. Height: 175 cm avg. Weight: 65 kg Avg. Shoulder width: 55cm):

Tub capacity /number of people advised

150 cm diameter of 3 - 4 individuals

160 cm diameter: 4 individuals

170 cm diameter: 4-5 individuals

180 cm diamtertas: 5 individuals

190 cm diameter 5 - 6 individuals

200 cm diameter: 6-7 individuals

220 cm diameter: 7-8 individuals

Hot tub water temperature:

It is advisable to make sure the water temperature is not higher than 38 or 40 degrees Celsius before getting in tub. This will ensure a pleasant spa effect and will provide you with sprightliness of mind and easiness of your body.

Time of water heat up:

Time is shown according to different seasons (adjusted for internal or external wood heated ovens):

Summer: 2-3 hours

Winter: 3-4 hours.

Time is shown according to different seasons (adapted electric heaters):

Summer: 4 hours

Winter: 5-6 hours

This description gives you just some general information. The full and detailed usage guide of a hot tub is included after purchase.

Note about warranty:

The two-year warranty is valid only if the tub during this period was used according to our usage guide rules. If you would apply for a warranty and after examination we would determine that the reasons that caused the damage was done by strictly violating usage rules, we will not be able to provide you a repair or replacement of an item.

We wish you pleasant moments and good health using our plastic hot tub with larch trim.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to help you and make the best hot tub for you.

hot tub team

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