Gas heater for hot tub

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Gas heater not resistant for frost! Do not leave it in minus temperature. Please disconnect it from hot tub and put in warm place, because heater can be damaged.

1. Gas used by heater depends from many options.

a) Depends from size of hot tub, capacity of water. Normal hot tubs has 1800-2000 liters of water (calculated by formula V = π*r2*h). 2000 lites of water heats up per 2-3 hours. Heater using about 12-15 liters of gas.

b) If hot tub will be insulated hot water keeps longer.

c) Of course depends from water temperature at the begining of heating.


    • Instantaneous gas water heater of TermaQ – Hot tub team line have modern construction and compact size. The devices are characterized by modern and esthetic design and an easy to use control panel. These advantages provide convenient and easy operation and allow for a full device control. Burner power modulation and water rate modulation are operated by knobs. Innovative technical solutions guarantee a long-term and a trouble-free operation. Heat exchanger is made of copper. Modern water-gas valve provides an electronic power modulation and allows for obtaining a constant outlet water temperature. Another heater’s advantage from this line is stable operation even by small flow and small operating pressure in water supply network. The devices have a complete protection system, among others:  – consisting in blocking a gas supply to the main burner when the water temperature in exchanger will exceed a dangerous level. The devices are not equipped with flame on burner what let achieve gas savings – compared to heaters with a flame on the burner – to about 70 m3 one year.electronic ignition from batteries
    • heat exchanger made of copper in accordance with new technology providing high efficiency
    • automatically regulated power in proportion to the water flow lets user receive constant water temperature
    • integrated water-gas valve of the latest generation
    • smooth and very quiet operation
    • protection against gas outflow
    • sensor of chimney draft
  • adjustment possible to different types of gas
  • Metal stand
  • Chimney
  • Water pump
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Gas baloon
  • Connection elements




electronic from batteries

Nominal thermal power

19,2 kW

Minimal thermal power

7,7 kW

Nominal heat load

22,3 kW

Minimal heat load

8,9 kW

Thermal efficiency

86 %

Water operating pressure

0,2÷10 bar

Hot water outlet (Δt ≤ 50°C)

3,2÷5,7 dm³/min

Hot water outlet (Δt ≤ 25°C)

5,7÷11,5 dm³/min

Maximaum temperature of outlet water

65 °C

Daily fuel consumption Qfuel

8,478 kW

Energy efficiency of water heating ηwh

69 %

Energy efficiency class of water heating


Load profile


Sound power level LWA

55 dB


585x360x220 mm

Flue connection (internal diameter)

117 mm

Heater weight

9,5 kg

Gas connection

G 3/4 inch

Cold water connection

G 1/2 inch

Hot water connection

G 1/2 inch

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the device’s structure which do not have a significant impact on functional and technical characteristics of a product.



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