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Table for grill

Grill, barbeque created for multifunctional using

Lid opening is very comfortable and easy, for protect Your arm from hot coals.

Assemble of this grill – barbeque is very lightly. Made of Domex Swedish steel.

Grill – Barbeque has few types of grids and baking dish.

Type of grids:

  1.       Two parts (3mm thick) stainless steel grids

On it can cook fish, vegetables, other food in foil

  1.       Wavy grids with slope for grease collection

This grids for fat meat, fish. Grease collecting in small bucket helped by wavy surface

  1.       Dish for baking. Made of 3mm black metal, walls is cone form.

Walls is 60mm height it’s easily stews Your dish.

  1.       Skewers for shashlik. In grill – barbeque walls made special places for skewers and let turns 360° angle.
  1.       Grids from cast-iron made for food smoking. This grids is heavy and gets hot for very long time. You can put steel with sawdust on this grids, then put other grids on top and smoke wood.


This grill – barbeque has air regulation slots. Air gets to cast-iron grids and helps to heat a coal. When it’s windy You can close that slots and grill – barbeque will keep hot temperature inside for 2-3 hours.

For stability and comfortability grill – barbeque has special table with steel legs and small surround tables.


We give 2 Years WARANTY


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