Stiklo audinio kubilas su integruota krosnele

Royal wellness hot tub with integrated stove

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Wood for decoration
Cover (lid)
Hot tub sill

Royal wellness hot tub

Fiberglass tub diameter:

Internal diameter: 180 cm

External diameter: 203 cm

Hight could be: 90 cm or 100 cm

The given price is for the fiberglass hot tub without wooden trim (inner diameter of 1,8 m). The price will change automatically if selecting extra variables according to the wood of a hot tub and accessories or enhancements appraisement.


Basic model includes:

  • Fiberglass tub (white, dark grey, blue); 
  • External water release faucet

The price does not include the price of the oven and chimney. These can be easily chosen on the menu bar on the right side of this site.

Hot tub specification:

Water quantity for hot tub – 1000 l

Primary water temperature 15 °C

Weather temperature 18 °C

After 1 hour heating: 32 °C water temperature

After 1,5-hour heating: 37 °C water temperature

Heated 11,3 kg linden wood firewood’s.

If you take 16 kg firewood, the water will heat till 40-45 °C

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