Prabangus 1,8 m termomedienos kubilas su integruota krosnele

Luxurious 1.8 m long thermo bath with integrated oven

Reference: 194

  1. Plastic tub with thermowood trim 1.8
  2. Plastic colour: grey
  3. Open plastic benches
  4. Protective wooden grates (keeps the heat from the oven)
  5. Top round edging- wooden sill
  6. Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub
  7. Type A steps
  8. Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles
  9. Drain siphon with a stopper
  10. External water release faucet
  11. Stainless steell lid for inside stove
  12. Double bottom and insulation
  13. Thermal wall insulation (7 cm)
  14. Chimney with protection from heat
  15. Inside integrated stove with glass in door 28 Kw, Stainless Steel AISI 430
  16. LED, 5 pcs. shining in the water, changing colors, 7 colors.
  17. Wood impregnation with special oil.
  18. Hydromassage system, 6 pcs. nozzles installed in the tub wall at different heights.
  19. Hydromassage system, 6 pcs. nozzles installed in one place for one person
  20. Air bubbles massage

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