Sauna su panoraminiu langu

Outdoor sauna with panoramic window

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Sauna with panoramic window

Iglu sauna consists of:

1. The type of wood: spruce;

2. Wood fired sauna heater Harvia M3 with internal furnace and chimney;

3. Saunas length 5 m;

4. The seats – bunks in the sauna;

5. Saunas height of 2.45 m / width 2.45 m;

6. 40 mm wall thickness (wall insulating is optional for extra price);

7. Bituminous pavement tile roof (Brown);

8. Panoramic window;

9. Glass door to sauna;

10. Entrance doors with lock;

11. External impregnation with brown paints;

12. Heat-resistant protective wooden grates for oven;

13. Slot for electricity and electrical safeguard;

14. Hermetic lamp in sauna and anteroom;

15. Anteroom in sauna;

16. Roof over the entrance to the sauna ;

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